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We specialize in improving the performance of Senior Management as a team.

We have developed a methodology that enables the creation of the right context for team members to perform at their maximum capacity.

This is our approach and the benefits we achieve.

  • Create, understand and/or agree on a new strategic direction or a new Management style.
  • Build real trust among members.
  • Openly discuss problems respectfully and effectively.
  • Redirect energy towards achieving results instead of squandering it on issues of internal power.
  • Help define a common challenging goal.
  • Establish operating agreements that guarantee compliance with what has been agreed.
  • Hold practical and focused effective meetings.
  • Define behaviors using world-class tools in line with the business strategy as defined by the CEO.
  • Responsibly delegate operating issues and devote time and energy to strategic matters.
  • Become aware and be a model of the defined culture through their behavior for the rest of the organization.
  • Achieve better results sustainably over time, as a result of making fast decisions focused on the objective.
  • Enjoy their work.

We work with regional, country and area-level management teams in a 100% practical way.

Why a team may not be working well.

  • So-called “teams” that are actually just groups of people, not teams.
  • Wasting time or energy self-protecting themselves rather than moving forward.
  • Taking too long to make decisions or meet goals.
  • Silo working and low levels of collaboration.
  • Mistrust among members or tense atmosphere.
  • Non-positive image in the rest of the organization.
  • Teams that don’t manage to meet the established objective.
  • Members who don’t hold the decisions they make as a team when interacting individually with the rest of the organization.

How we do it.

  • In-depth conversations that go to the bottom of situations and feelings.
  • Respect for time and confidentiality.
  • We earn our trust by showing understanding of the business, our métier and our clients’ needs.
  • We focus on working on real issues, establishing actions and the specific people in charge.
  • While we have a methodology proven by years of successful work, we adapt it to the needs, characteristics and culture of each client in each case.

BÄCKER & PARTNERS is an Executive Search and Leadership Consulting services firm composed of renowned senior professionals with experience acquired in the main global and local consulting firms and in the Human Resources Department of major international companies.